Ultra Q

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Ultra Q
Classic show from Eiji Tsuburaya, the creator of gojira. It's the first title from Ultra series which followed by Ultraman as the second title. The show are pretty much like twilight zone, just much better. 28 episodes in black and white with no subtitle, but somehow it's still entertain me so much.

Ultra Q
Ultra Q
Ultra Q

01 Defeat Gomess! (ゴメスを倒せ!)
02 Goro and Goro (五郎とゴロー)
03 A Present from Mars (宇宙からの贈りもの)
04 The Mammoth Flower (マンモスフラワー)
05 Peguila has Come! (ペギラが来た!)
06 Grow! Turtle (育てよ! カメ)
07 SOS Mt. Fuji (SOS富士山)
08 The Terror of Sweet Honey (甘い蜜の恐怖)
09 The Spider Baron (クモ男爵)
10 Underground Super-Express To The West (地底超特急西へ)
11 Balloonga (バルンガ)
12 I Saw a Bird (鳥を見た)
13 Garadama (ガラダマ)
14 Tokyo Ice Age (東京氷河期)
15 Kanegon's Cocoon (カネゴンの繭)
16 Garamon's Counterattack (ガラモンの逆襲)
17 1/8 Project (1/8計画)
18 The Rainbow Egg (虹の卵)
19 Challeng From the Year 2020 (2020年の挑戦)
20 Undersea Humanoid Ragon (海底原人ラゴン)
21 Space Directive M774 (宇宙指令M774)
22 Transformation (変身)
23 Rage of the South Sea (南海の怒り)
24 The Idol of Goga (ゴーガの像)
25 The Devil Child (悪魔ッ子)
26 Burn on, Glory (燃えよ栄光)
27 Flight 206 Disappears (206便消滅す)
28 Open Up! (あけてくれ!)