UNIQLOCK paris / france

Monday, 31 August 2009

My favourite brand all over the world UNIQLO, is a brand from Japan. My first uniqlo clothing is a grey cardigan that i found in a cheap store only about as same as 1.5$ awesome! and my second uniqlo is a blue sweater, a gift from my friend who move to Japan. Well he bought it after one month work effort just to buy some stuff to some of his friend, what a good friend. New megastore just open near shinjuku station, tokyo. A simple concept that the façade is composed of two surfaces with geometrical lit lines. the lines make the materiality of the facade and architecture disappear so that only the uniqlo logos remain at night.

Uniqlo Store Japan 01
Uniqlo Store Japan 02
and this several mix and match that i think is good enough. I mean the colour mix and match. I mean it's not my style, not for my body so i should adaptated it to myself, yeah yeah you know what i mean.

Uniqlo Style 01
Uniqlo Style 02
and by the way the brand new UNIQLOCK paris / france has been released. Well it's actually a screensaver (windows only yeah!), but it's still cannot be downloaded for now. Here's a couple screen capture.

Uniqlock 01
Uniqlock 02
Uniqlock 03
Uniqlock 04