Sunday, 27 September 2009

This movie is a laid back, spice-of-life movie about teenage hischool girl that playing music in a band. The song Linda Linda is a hit song from a Japanese 80's punkrock band named The Blue Hearts.

Linda Linda Linda
It's like everyday life in reality, school, band, the band break up, and one girl a korean exchange student be asked to join the band. The band called PARANMAUM, which means The Blue Hearts in Korean. I pretty much enjoy this movie, some people say its boring. But that is slice-of-life! and by the way i really like the main song Linda Linda Linda, its pretty good because it definitely sounds like Ramones.

Linda Linda Linda 01
Linda Linda Linda 02
Linda Linda Linda 03
Linda Linda Linda 04
Linda Linda Linda 05
You see the vocalist? Yeah Bae Doona, the reason i watch this movie haha. Her character is innocently funny. Well school, band, friends.

They release 2 soundtrack, one is full soundtrack featuring James lha (The Smashing Pumpkins), Base Ball Bear (The bassist who play on PARANMAUM is Base Ball Bear real bassist player), and obviously the fictional band PARANMAUM is in here too. Another soundtrack is a six track E.P. album from PARANMAUM titled We Are PARANMAUM. My favorite track is Linda Linda, it's the best!