Supernatural Prequel

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I just got this Comic and love it for sure, a prequel of Supernatural Tv Series. This Prequel are in the format of comic book, the first six issue, (named Supernatural: Origins) tells the story after Mary being burned while hanged at the ceiling, that John want to find who or what kill her. He became a hunter, and so another hunter help him, while John put their kids Sam and Dean somewhere save. So after all this is the very first hunting journey of John Winchester.

supernatural origins 01
supernatural origins 02
supernatural origins 03
And the next six chapter is Supernatural: Rising Son, the story continues from to origins but this time, John already getting better. It tells the very first time Dean help his dad fighting monster and killing someone at the age of 12! It also tells about John encounter with Lilith (Yeah damn her!) who want Sam. Also someone has mentioned Sammy to be "special" as to lead the army of hell.

rising son 01
rising son 02
rising son 03