Kira Kira

Thursday, 31 December 2009

kira kira
As from the page said; Kira Kira is a constant enigma- extremely hard to define and almost impossible to anticipate. As a founding member of Icelandic art collective Kitchen Motors, she has been a pivotal figure in contemporary Icelandic music, composing music extensively for theatre, dance and film and creating myriad sound and film installations everywhere from Beijing to New York. Taking a particular interest in blurring the lines between music and visual arts Kira has often appeared in castle towers, gallery spaces or curious hidden places and created lasting images of singing black holes, dueling smoke machines and exploding cassette tapes across the globe.

Our Map to the Monster Olympics is a twisting, sometimes terrifying, often glorious and touching kaleidoscope of a record. Swarms of fragmented voices mouth melodies through home made microphones while contact-miced Kalimbas fight for breath in seas of beautifully damaged technicolour, granulated shotgun beats fire from sniper positions in foreboding atmospheres- AND YET armies of glockenspiels, brass and casios remind us that everything will, in fact, be ok.


01 Boat
02 Romantic Accident
03 Kittens In His Pockets
04 Drakula Darling
05 Syngdu Svarthol
06 Epitaph
07 Dyri
08 Malfur Skinnytoe Junior
09 Empty House Sigh
10 Take Your Best Shot

Our map to the Monster Olympics
kira kira
Using glockenspiels, brass are really icelandic somehow, well Sigur Rós, múm, whatever else. Icelandic band are pretty similiar don't you think?