Tuesday, 22 December 2009

A novel by Cormac McCarthy. An epic postapocalyptic tale about father and son who trying to survive in the wasted world of ashes. The plot in the novel are somehow slow then whenever things happening it becomes a bit fast. The thing is there's no chapter on the novel not even paragraph, it's only about 2 or 3 space between some little part, maybe that's what make me read it till the end, and it feel more postapocalyptic that way anyway. The author didn't give a name on the character, it's only father and son, papa and the boy, or else. They gone on the journey to warm place on the south.

THE ROAD movie
I never really digg'n up books, but well, this one i shouldn't miss it i think. The movie adaptation already released in usa on 2009 though it's limited, then on uk around 2010. Just watch this trailer;

DAMN MAN! I WANT TO SEE THE MOVIE! Such an epic trailer.