Audio Safari

Thursday, 8 April 2010

audio safari
One reason i like japanese recording is that the drum sound awesome and really fit with the music, though Audio Safari focus mainly on electronical layer and vocal while gradually recruiting band member such as drummer. Their first album ウルノソラ already released 3 years ago on 2007. Old news but i just discovered this band from Hyakkei myspace. They play electropop music, but since they are indie musician you'll never find a "boring useless part" as you usually find in pop industry.


01 車輪
02 泡に響く
03 ほころび
04 transpose to october sun
05 十数えて
06 fall
07 波の模様
08 南の庭

It's relaxing listen to this album, feel the ambient especially on "transpose to october sun" and jumpy intro in "車輪", ウルノソラ is definitely worth album to listen to.