The Cove

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

the cove
At first glance on the poster i thought this movie is about playing with dolphin or anything fun. When i see the genre which is documentary, i start to wonder what is the story and found out that it's about dolphin slaughtering in Japan! With curiousity i watch it. When you watch it, you will find the other face of Japanese in a small town covered up with secret, which actually even most Japanese don't know about it.

dolphin slaughter
slaughter footage
What's interesting in this movie and that is why i still watch it till the end is how actually the maker of this movie try to record the slaughter and show it to the world. Which is really interesting, it feels  like watching a spy movie, but this one is a real deal spy action.

I hear this movie got an Academy Award for best documentary. Even without the award i still gonna recommend this movie to anyone, because it's really move me, and make me realize even Japanese nowadays still having that kind of problem, a problem that nobody even know if it exist. If you want to join, take part of the cause, just go to the website of The Cove.