BECK movie

Thursday, 17 June 2010

ryusuke minami
mongolian chop squad

minami maho
I really wait for this upcoming live action movie of BECK, which will do a road show starting 4 September this year. If you don't know BECK it is actually a manga about a kid named Koyuki crossing path with music in his life, which eventually become what he best at. It become 24 episodes TV series anime, it doesn't cover all the story in manga and now is the time for live action movie.

The song in the TV are really good, it's more like Rage Againts the Machine + Red Hot Chilli Pepper + Oasis come together, a classic pices. They even make a cover of Beatles song "I've Got The Feeling". As you can see on the official movie website, they put RHCP and Oasis as soundtrack. The cast on this movie are really have a very similiar look with the character on the comic! it's really awesome! i hope this is as good as an adaptation for 20th Century Boys, hmmm we'll see.