Crystal Castles II

Friday, 4 June 2010

Crystal Castles
I just realize that they just released new album on May this year. Well it scheduled for release on This month but it leaked on April, and i don't know about it?! This what so called indie duo are actually getting so freakin popular, it's 25 million play in!! Try listen to both of the album, then you'll understand how good they are, or at least that's what i think. Ethan always make a beat that can easily make your head down and up and when you realize, that actually, your body is moving.

Crystal Castles

alice glass
When i looking back few months ago, their debut are worth to listen again and again. What change might be made by them on their second? nothing. It still have the energy that move your quiet room into a dance floor. The album is actually named the same as their debut, so people and webshop are putting (II) to avoid confusion.

Crystal Castles ii

01 Fainting Spells
02 Celestica
03 Doe Deer
04 Baptism
05 Year Of Silence
06 Empathy
07 Suffocation
08 Violent Dreams
09 Vietnam
10 Birds
11 Pap Smear
12 Not In Love
13 Intimate
14 I Am Made Of Chalk

So who is that girl on the cover album? Alice? That must be everyone guess at first time, but i search everywhere even on official forum, still i ain't got any information about it. I really want to go to want of their show, it's always crazy and full crowd. This video capture the vibe as if you watch them live.