Air Doll

Thursday, 20 May 2010

air doll
Basicly Air Doll is a movie with a messsage about some social problem in most capitalism country especially Japan, which is loneliness. Story goes around on an Air Doll who found a heart, i know it sounds cliche but it has a lot of message in it about what's going on in life, a loneliness and some way to solve it.

air doll
bae doona
odagiri joe

This movie isn't recommended to those who want fun movie, since the reason i watch this is to watch my favourite korean actress Bae Doona, and i said WTF loudly when actually see her naked. It's probably not coming to theater and only showed up on festival and DVD because of nudity, some obscene and a little gore.

The soundtrack from solo artist World's End Girlfriend which i already listen to it a lot of time last year. No doubt about it, it's good.

world's end girlfriend

01 風と共に目覚め
02 誕生の日に
03 叶えられた祈り
04 傘は
05 空洞の坂に
06 光を映す影
07 交差する8 冒険の彩り
09 記憶の記録
10 道11 みることのなかった風景
12 点在について
13 雨に唄わず
14 少し早足になって
15 水の中へ
16 夜は問い
17 百年の窒息
18 いくつかの答え
19 再来の風
20 呼吸
21 水の線路 (詩:吉野弘「生命は」より / 朗読:ペ・ドゥナ)