Doraemon Manga

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Finally i finished my Doraemon comic book collection, the original Number 1-45 and Doraemon Adventure Number 1-24. As seen on the photo, the figure is from Medicom but i didn't take a good picture on the Medicom toy because it had slightly bad paint, i will post the better quality on the toy after one day i repair the paint (when i got the skill and the tool of course).

First 3 weeks on April this year, suddenly i have an urge to finish it because there's a new release in Indonesia with a different version. The usual version are read left to right, a reverse from the original Japanese version, but this year it start to be released in a version that read right to left as in the original. So i think it will not be released left to right anymore, i just have to buy it before it replaced on the retail. Anyway it has been released again and again for about more than 20 years, so there are plenty of cheap 2nd hand book on the market, so it's quite easy to finish this collection.

And photos below are my most memorable cover. It has a lot memories from my childhood and especially book number 24; not just the cover but all the story inside it, because this is the first comic book i ever read. I remember my mum buying it when i was..err..i don't remember when, but obviously i was very little and it was sold on the street with bargain price.