David Beauchard • Epileptic

Thursday, 8 September 2011

David Beauchard
Known as "L'Ascension du haut mal" in France. The story are mostly about David B.'s epileptic brother and his struggle to become a writer and artist. From his childhood imagination and war stories around him to their first struggle against epilepsy, which started the endless circle of doctor, from hospital usual medics to alternative therapies. All the story illustrated in a strong wood-cut style drawings with a lot of bizzare imaginary, it becomes a work of deep darkness and luminosity.

It's visually stunning and threatening. It illustrates the horrible fear and sadness, the reality. When it comes to epilepsy, which is something that still a mystery even for the advanced technology nowadays, for those who have it or the family of someone who have it, like in David B. case, probably art is the most possible way for them to response and deal with it.