The Machinist

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Delusional emaciated insomniac factory worker, Trevor Reznik. Claimed that he never been sleeping for a year, his boss think he's on drugs or something and would not be able to pull down a works with heavy machinery. Trevor met a strange man Ivan, who claimed to be his co-worker. One time at a day, Trevor saw Ivan at the factory, working, but he gaze in disbelief as in; "Is he there or not?".

His gaze in disbelief led Trevor cause an accident and led his co-worker Miller to lose his arm. This is the start of the confused mind of Trevor who never sleep as every single people in his workplace doesn't think that Ivan is exist. He also found a strange post-it note on his fridge, an incomplete hangman puzzle. We'll see how he always distracted whenever he got a chance to sleep, the consecutive strange event might be caused by the lack of sleep that makes his subconscious surfaced. At this stage, dreams, either good or bad (nightmare) will blend in with reality, as in the movie tagline said. The story will drift you inwards backwards with many strange things happen that lead to satisfying twist ending and explanation.

I was confuse Christian Bale as Edward Norton and vice versa back then, as both movies, Fight Club and The Machinist has a delusional main character, same mood, same kind of twist ending and both actors looks almost the same, and i don't really watch much movie back then. It might be strange, but this is kind of movie i was attracted to, in a way, and this is the kind of movie i grow up watching. The extreme diet that Chris. Bale done for the movie is the one that very extreme and inspired me to do the same for quite sometimes (only coffee and apple for a day), and it's not healthy.

Influence for the name Trevor Reznik are actually inspired by Trent Reznor, the man behind Nine Inch Nails. You can also see two novel; Fyodor Dostoyevsky's The Idiot read by Trevor himself on the couch and Franz Kafka's The Castle in the closet storage, this might be a reference for the movie, that i plan to read later.