Holy Motors

Thursday, 21 November 2013

It begins with a strange scene inside a cinema where people watching some kind of movie and the scene changed into a man who just awoken in his dark apartment with his dog in the bed then slowly light his cigar, walking around his apartment till we see him with the tree painted walls, which he found a keyhole, and it turns out that the key is literally one of his own finger, he push and open the hidden door on the wall that leads him to the cinema at the beginning of the movie.

The next scene is where the actual movie began, shows a fancy big house who owned by Oscar, the man who just walk out of it, saying goodbye to his kids before going to work. Oscar who at first seemed to be a normal old man on his 50, married, have children, and seemed to be very rich, judging by the big house, plenty of cars, fancy suit, a lot of bodyguards, and go to work with a limousine. It turns out that Oscar is an actor, and have 9 appointment is 9 places where he must act according to the paper which the company gives, given to him by Céline (which seems to be his secretary and driver.)

His 1st appointment is to be a beggar old woman, and that's just the first bizarre act he does. In the 3rd appointment he played the character merde, which are a character that appear in last Carax short movie part in 2008's Tokyo!. Merde, with Gojira soundtrack on the background, running amok on the cemetery in France (which have a tombstone with 'visit my website' written on it instead the person name who rest there), stealing a model (Eva Mendez) and turn her clothes to be far less revealing. It's getting blurry as if which one is the real life of Oscar, as the acting on each appointment are getting more realistic and confusing, it's started to like watching several short movie played by Oscar. like in the appointment 6 where he act as two people who killed each other.

In the appointment 7 when he killed a banker (played by Oscar too), the act looks spontaneous that it doesn't look like it's an appointment. After the 8th appointment, there was a moment when other limo crush into Oscar limo, and the person in the other limo is his, presumably, long gone ex-girlfriend (Kylie Minoque). I was thought that this one act is another appointment, but it turns out, it's just an accident that led him following his ex act. The final act is the most strange one, something about Oscar and his Chimpanzee family. Then the white limo is back to a warehouse that have green Holy Motors neon sign in front of it. Then Céline wear a mask and get out of the car. Then it seems after the place closed and the light is off, the car are talking to each other, before finally they go to sleep and the end credit rolls.

It's quirky, weird, funny, scary, and dramatic movie made by Leos Carax (who's last full feature movie is on 1999). One of the most fresh and surprising movie i've seen for quite sometimes. There are a lot of powerful acting, crazy make-up and the special effect that complement the story so good on this movie, also the imagination and reality bending which make it full of pleasure upon watching it.