Friday, 25 December 2009

yuki isoya
These are two newest single of japanese singer YUKI. 1st is Wonderline, it contain three tracks. Just wait for her next album.

wonder line

01 ワンダーライン
02 ワンダーライン (night swimming mix)
03 ビスケット (2007.10.06 Live@大阪城ホール)

Wonderline is a pop track with catchy dance beat and i like the videoclip mmhh...the second track is the remix version but it is a slow lounge mix it's more like this version are better for mellow ear, and it's like the original track is the remix version and the remix version is the original haha. And third track is Biscuit live version.

cosmic box

02 メッセージ

First track is COSMIC BOX, i like this song after two times listen to it, well it just like YUKI ordinary song. Then i listen to the second track, instantly, i'm in love. Soothing rastafarian tone with YUKI voices, reaaaallllyyy soooothing. I think this song tell about christmas (which why i post this on 25th December).