it is HALLOWEEN • Suehiro Maruo

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Suehiro Maruo (丸尾末広)'s manga is the most disgusting absurd gory random story i ever read, there's a lot of sex and blood, a lot of disturbing picture of decapitated organs. Most story are ended up in an absurd random twist and sometimes it ends so suddenly that it actually made me laugh it out loud.

Maruo begins his career at the age of 15, submitting his comic at 17 and rejected. Since then he removed himself from manga until at 24 he works in the magazine where his gory style is accepted. The style of drawing of Maruo looks like a Japanese traditional painting named muzan-e (violence version of ukiyo-e). This type of manga are known as erotic grotesque (エログロ / ero-guro) in Japan, the genre also including my other favorite mangaka; Shintaro Kago (which have more on humour approach).

Suehiro Maruo are not just only make manga, he also make poster illustration, and cd cover for a band (the first picture on this post above). Some of his works are also made into figurines. His last works is actually released on 2012, which i, of course, don't have a chance yet to get it, and also because it still in Japanese language.

Well, the first time i interested in this kind of manga is started with Junji Ito, then i found out about Shintaro Kago, and finally Suehiro Maruo. Upon everytime i work in a new place, somehow i always manage to found at least one person who also have interest in Guro Mystery stuff like this. The first encounter with such person is the Creative Director of; Max (hi max!), who in fact have Suehiro Maruo book in Japanese and show it to me. In fact at that time i felt that feeling that i know i'm not alone, hah!. Oh, and Wickana hi! and my buddy Icil!!

There's this 1992's animation adaptation for Suehiro Maruo manga called Midori / Shoujo Tsubaki (地下幻燈劇画 少女椿) it's considered to be a lost movie, partially, because the film is banned in Japan that time. There's some survived in standard edition, and luckily there's english subbed version on Youtube so you can watch it now.